Who We Are

“We can never get a re-creation of community and heal our society without giving our citizens a sense of belonging.” ―Patch Adams


To improve health outcomes, save lives, empower people with skills and equipment in order to eliminate poverty, and promote the welfare of the less privileged.


Our vision is a healthier and fully empowered world for everyone including the less privileged and low-income communities.


  • We are passionate about providing awareness and medical treatment for sickle cell anemia and hepatitis cases especially as it concerns developing rural communities
  • We save lives by providing basic maternal and child healthcare, food, water, and basic household amenities for low-income communities
  • We promote welfare by providing shelter to families and resources to help them start small-scale businesses of all forms such as farming, poultry, carpentry, etc. We provide them with life skills (building), support business startups, and financial education.


Working in government hospitals in Nigeria as a doctor brought me to terms with the deplorable conditions of most unemployed and low-income patients who were also in the majority. Most of them focus on self-prescribed over-the-counter drugs, herbal or home remedies and only end up in hospitals when the situation gets worse all due to poverty and ignorance. Afterwards, being forced by the rate of unemployment in the country to stay at home with two children for a year made me realize what most Nigerians pass through without viable income to pay their bills.

Growing up as a child, my dad has always been a philanthropist. I remember the greatest joy I had then was seeing my dad put smiles on the faces of several less privileged families, by either funding their tuition fees, empowering most of the people in the communities and even as little as giving provisions, food items which made them dance, that really touched me, and sparked the first flames of this passionate vision of mine.

So I decided to pick up the childhood experience I had with my dad and help people through my savings and little contributions from friends and family to alleviate hunger in communities, empower the less privilege, and also provide healthcare.

Dr. Edidiong Ene Etete is a medical doctor with a Master’s in public health (MPH) from the University of Warwick, United Kingdom as a second degree and Doctor of medicine MD from Windsor university school of medicine, St Kitts, West Indies as my first degree.



Medical Doctor


Dr Edidiong Etete

Health Project Coordinator

Solomon Uwak

Program Manager

Stephenie Omagbe

Admin officer